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Our philosophy is based on traditional architectural principles, nevertheless including some further unusual aspects given into our proposals: 

- business strategy

- market & society trends 

- sales

- further development ideas

This combinations allows creation of proposals which are more time resistant, reflecting client demands, as well as market expectation and changes.

Maximum pro-client approach is given not only to big corporations or development companies, but also to private clients.

How and where we operate?

We are open to any project around the world, not focusing just on the Czech market. 

Successful projects arise in our company due following milestones:

- overall analysis (client demands, project possibilities, market trends, society expectation)

- client given budget

- pre-phase discussions

- concept development

- creation of 2D drawings and 3D visualizations

- concept finalization

- engineering

- further consultancy and project supervision

The best things are realized once we and our clients are on the same line: both partners are open to any idea and expect the best work to be provided. 

Due this aspect, it is quite important to feel architecture and design close way to each other.

- Our architecture & design concepts are based on: open structures, connecting exterior & interior, landscape/nature presence, mixture of colour and material combination

- Our retail design and exhibition proposals are created with strength on: digital stuff, customer journey, imprints, customer engagement, story telling

What exact levels of services we might offer you:

  • Architecture study

  • 3D visulizations

  • Technical drawings

  • Project documentation

  • Engineering and negotiation with local councils

  • Production realization

  • On site implementation

  • Construction supervision and consultancy

  • Project managent

We will be happy hearing from you


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